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Stella Jun 26, 2011 · PM I kinda love that this recipe is a cinch to veganize.I grew up on Nutella but when I went vegan, I found myself missing it—until I discovered Valsoia vegan hazelnut spread in Italy. · lavegetaliana · between making it with and without butter, sometimes I leave it out, just on a whim.But it will set up to smooth, creamy, Nutella-like texture as the chocolate cools.If your kitchen is quite cold, it will set up much faster.Shut off the processor, pour in all of the cooled chocolate, cocoa, and salt.Replace the lid and continue to run until the mixture is homogeneous.When the brittle has cooled completely, chop it roughly with a knife to make it a little more manageable for your food processor. I’ve actually cut myself pretty badly before with a sharp piece of brittle. ) Put about half the brittle in the food processor and begin pulsing to chop it into smaller bits.

Cook until the mixture has a pale golden color, about 300° on a candy thermometer.I made this at work where it is about 60° and it set up . Just take care not to microwave the mixture if you are thawing it out, the heat will cause the crystallized sugar to melt out, destroying the additively crunchy texture of the paste.Whenever I make it at home (a balmy 72°) it can take several hours. If you’re looking for clever ways to use up a good portion of your Nutella, try layering it with the vanilla wafers in banana pudding! Photos and musings on the matter here, but long story short, this is crazy easy to make.To prepare the vanilla bean, split it in half and scrape; add the bean paste into the sugar. Turn the heat to medium and stir gently while heating to dissolve the sugar.

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Shut off the heat, add in the toasted hazelnuts and stir thoroughly.

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